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My husband absolutely loved it

It was a birthday surprise for my husband and when he received it he was amazed!
The beers, the chopping table and the salami were perfect. The box was beautiful, thank u guys for the amazing service!

Anniversary Gift

Although I did not see the gift basket, the recipients told me they loved it!
Happy to find an online gift basket company that offers customization with a fairly good variety of basket content choices.
Thank you for great service! I will be ordering through Hazeltons again!

Great service

The website was user friendly with a very classy/professional selection, and the feedback we received on the gift baskets was great!

Worst Customer Service I have ever received

My clients have not received the package. I called several time and no one has responded to my calls. The service agents are not helpful and don't provide any guidance. I was forwarded to the voice mail several times with no response or follow up. I will never use this service again.

Spoiled cheesecake

It took too long for the basket to arrive, but most importantly the cheese cake was a mess and spoiled. It smelled terrible!!!

Poor delivery team

Delivery of my order wasn't met within the timeline provided

Recipients were overjoyed

Thank you!

Extremely disappointed

My order was delivered super late, even though I had specified and requested for a delivery time window. When I contacted their customer service, the man on the phone was super rude and dismissive.
The order was then rescheduled for delivery via the delivery partners, the cake came smashed in completely, the flowers half wilted and literally 4-5 pieces of fruit whereas in the picture and description it was different.
I had emailed their customer services as well but no reply from them either.

Will never order from here again.

Ordered Salmon, Received Jerky

Christmas present received was not what was ordered. Disappointed as wont get to be together for holidays and gift was wrong.

Service and Product

I appreciated the emails stating when the gift was on it's way. That was terrific. The gift basket did not look like the picture. I was disappointed when the recipient shared a photo with me. It's a shame. We are new with our company and were careful to choose what we thought would be a really lovely gift.


Thank you for doing a wonderful job with our baskets.

Holiday Wine and Cheese Gift Basket

First on a positive note, we were happy with the phone call and the representative, Victor when placing the order. He confirmed our order with us, but not sure what happened from there. We ordered and paid for an extra wine glass and 2 Snowy White Stuffed Bears for our two little granddaughters. The wine glass was not sent and only 1 Brown bear was sent. He also said he would refund our master card the delivery charge for the $100.00 order (which was 1 cent less). We called back on Dec 13th to speak with a representative and spoke with James of our disappointment. He said the refund would be credited to our card that night but to date 5 days later we have still not received the refund of $22.59. Also confirmed with his supervisor that Yorkville's would send out the extra bear we ordered which is the most important and the extra wine glass and said it would be delivered by Tuesday Dec 17th or Wednesday Dec 18th. Hoping that happens.

Not what I ordered

I ordered the “O Christmas Tree” basket specifically for the wire Christmas tree basket decoration. My order came in a plain brown basket with no explanation. Very disappointed.

Wrong items received

The wrong items were sent with my order. I ordered 14 wine-pairing chocolate bars in smooth dark chocolate and instead received 11 extra dark, 2 milk chocolate and 1 white chocolate. So, none of the bars I received pair well with the sparkling wine I purchased to give with each bar as corporate gifts. Very disappointed that they did not take more care in processing the order.

Anniversary present

I was a little disappointed with my order.
The flowers were not as I ordered, the pot was much too big for the plant and looked silly.
The cake had been handled roughly and had lost the message that was supposed to be written on it.
It was meant to be an anniversary present but looked cheap despite the $150 price tag.

Packaging issues

The cup cakes got smudged bcos of the packing. Not happy with that. Otherwise a fine work.

The overall basket itself was delightful despite the susbtitions. It arrived on time and was nicely presented and great quality. The recipient was happy. However, I had a special add-on of a specific pastry for the occasion and it was substituted to something that we could not consumed due to dietary restriction, and in our opinion, lesser in value. It was disappointing and did not receive an acceptable compromise by customer service. The box of pastries was personally returned to their head office rather than seeing it in our trash.

Loved the Basket! Delivery was early

Loved this basket, the berries were great. Unfortunately, I ordered this package for delivery on the 12th (my sisters birthday) and it arrived on the 11th. I even paid more for shipping to ensure it made it on time. Disappointed it was there the day before, as it sat on her porch for hours since she didn't have the day off.

Smashed pie

Though it came on time and the recipient said it was tasty, the pie was completely smashed upon delivery. I contacted the company and they offered a $5 discount on a future purchase. Since it was a sympathy gift (which i put in my note) I feel it wasn't right of the company to be so careless with the delivery. They were unable to serve it to mourning guests. I am disappointed that the pie arrived smashed and I am unhappy with their idea of making it right. I am uncomfortable sending future baked gifts that are likely to arrive smashed.

Review - Actual Time Logistics

Hazelton is the best company and we liked the service and the variety of items they have are really good. Orders can be made easily using their website and staffs are very helpful.
I got 10% off of the bill amount with the free shipping to US and Canada.Tracking the gift basket were very easy as you have to just click the link given in the email. Once the item is delivered we got the notification.

Above all my customers really liked the gift baskets they received.

Thank you


I purchased 2 items from Hazeltons, The Ample Wine Gift Basket, and a bouquet of flowers. The basket was beautiful, however the bouquet of flowers was not included in the order. Instead a substitution was made and 6 small dead plants were delivered to my Mother in law, for her 90th Birthday. Hazeltons would not refund the flower portion of the order, and I ordered another basket and had to pay shipping again. If they could not provide the bouquet they should have contacted the customer and stated such. I felt forced to order something else as they would not refund the flowers. No discount for their mistake, no waive of shipping for their mistake... The second basket has yet to be delivered. Pamela

I really disappointed with the gift I I ordered it was not according to that and really embarrassed me all made fun of that gift sent by you guys

Zero stars

Still waiting for someone to contact us. Ordered a few baskets and there were unauthorized substituted items. Items were also not presented in a premium way. I do not recommend these baskets for anyone trying to impress. Customer service is lacking, have been waiting 4 days for a solution. Will not be using the baskets as they have been delivered as they do not look great at all!!!!!

Strawberries spoiled!

I sent my daughter in college the basket of chocolate covered strawberries with sparkling wine, 2 champagne glasses and Boss chocolate for her 21st birthday. The strawberries were not packed to keep fresh so they were rotten and runny by the time she got her box from the university mail room!

Absolute horrendous company that ruins your special occasion!!

The company has failed me on two separate occasions.

1. Ordered a Thank you basket for someone and paid a premium for shipping but the delivery guy delivered the basket to the wrong address and the recipient had to go searching for the basket in his neighborhood as the company has outsourced shipping to some other vendor and they had no clue where the basket is at. Luckily the recipient found the basket with one of his neighbors and he was able to retrieve it.

2. Ordered a special anniversary basket and it never got delivered but i received a delivery confirmation from Hazeltons. Phoned them for a refund but they kept delaying it saying they have to open a claim with the shipping company and only then will they be able to refund the order. Have followed up twice but no one picks up the phone now and have left them voicemails as well but still no response. Ughhhhh

Absolutely avoid them at all costs as you might be tricked from the website but their delivery and customer service is virtually non-existent!!