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by Bold Commerce Collaborator June 28, 2018

No matter the occasion, flowers are a prevalent gift choice for many owing to it’s versatility and universal appeal. With the wide array of floral gifts on offer in the market today, it’s no surprise that they have been steadily gaining popularity. In a variety of different shapes and forms, flower gifts are undoubtedly the most preferred choice for many to receive.

We have rounded up some of our most favourite flower gift ideas so that you can give the perfect gift every single time!

1: Flower Bouquets

A classic favourite, flower bouquets have been the oldest form in which flowers have been bought and gifted. Whether it’s a simple, hand tied bouquet or an elaborate arrangement, bouquets are great floral gifts that can be presented for any occasion and to any recipient irrespective of their age. Better still it gives your loved ones the option to adorn their spaces to their liking with it.

2: Flower Subscriptions

What’s better than receiving one bouquet of flowers? Getting one delivered to your doorstep every week! Nowadays with floral websites offering subscriptions that allow you to select the type of flowers you like at the frequency and term of your choice; flower subscriptions have become a popular choice with many. Blooms has our very own subscription that you can check out as well! Give your loved ones this gift that keeps on giving and we are sure they’ll think of you each time they receive their floral delivery.

3: Flowering Plants

If a bouquet of roses seems like a gift that’s too short-lived to you, then opt for a flowering plant. Orchids and lilies are popular flower gifts that you can buy as a plant and hence will last your recipient for a very long time. In a wide array of hues, patterns and designs, these gifts are anything but conventional. Kick it up a notch by investing in a statement planter to house your gift in.

4: Flower Combos

With flower combo gifts you can truly have it all! You have the option to pair your loved one’s favourite flowers, gourmet treats, spirits and more, all in a single gift. Blooms has a wide array of choices with flowers and wine, flowers and champagne, flowers and chocolate, flowers and cakes and more. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or even a promotion, there’s something for everyone. With gifts this exciting, you are sure to earn some major brownie points!

5: Everlasting Flowers

One of the most recent variations in floral gifting, everlasting flowers have increasingly gained fame owing to their picturesque presentation and luxe appeal. With most of them boasting a life span ranging from 1 – 3 years, these gifts more than make up for the bad rap flower gifts have due to their short-lived nature. Coming in with a hefty price tag, we think these gifts are the Cartier equivalent of flowers!


 By Natasha Pradeep

Bold Commerce Collaborator
Bold Commerce Collaborator

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