Truffle Ensemble

  • Filled with an assortment of truffles that are as decadent as they are delightful, New York Blooms has created a masterpiece with this gift. In the Truffle Ensemble gift, these chocolate truffles are the definition of decadence and delight. This gift is best paired with many of our flower gifts, so be sure to find the flowers that best match with these treats to create the ultimate gift.

  • This gift includes a stylized box of delicious chocolate truffles, an incredibly decadent treat.This gift pairs perfectly with many of our fine floral arrangements and wine or champagne offerings and acts as the perfect companion to many of our flowers gifts offered.

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great service and products

What I love about their truffles is the texture of the inside. It is always so smooth and creamy and holds up well even over a long period of time. Some truffles dry out and get crumbly but these do not. The flavor is rich and the texture is consistently smooth and creamy.

great gift for any occasion

I ordered these for Teacher Appreciation week and the teachers we delighted with it! Not only beautiful works of art, but Delicious too!! They arrived the date I was told and just made their day :-)

Treat for your taste-buds

I was browsing the site for a gift and my daughter, who was sitting next to me, asked me to get her this chocolate truffle box. The price was reasonable so I went ahead with her wish. The chocolates were delicious and she enjoyed them. I too sampled a couple of them and they were really good. I recommend it.


Got this for a friend and it made an amazing gift. The packaging was excellent and the variety of chocolates in the box was really good. If you are looking for a decent gift in your budget, I guess this would be a nice choice as my friend really appreciated it. Would love to order it again.

great services

My first experience was a gift from a friend and I recently ordered 4 for each of my kids and family and one for ME! They were promised for a delivery date and they actually arrived days earlier....everyone was happy and I am hiding mine so I don't have to share.