Cookies and Fruit Snacking Basket

  •  The Cookies and Fruit Snacking Basket was designed for office functions and events or family get-togethers! It comes with fresh cookies, brownies, fresh and dried fruit and chocolate. The Fudge in this basket is wonderful and comes in five different flavours. This gift will be appreciated by a large group in an office or corporate event. It is also great as a ready-to-serve basket for family functions. You can add wine or champagne or additional gourmet items if you like!

  • Included in this Gift Basket:

    Approximately 12-15 of Hazelton's fresh baked Chocolate Chip Cookies (milk or dark chocolate).  Approximately 12-15 of Hazelton's fresh baked White Chocolate Chip Cookies. Five large sticks of locally-made luxury handmade fudge in five different flavours! Six fresh peaches and six fresh apricots. Crunchy banana chips layered with milk chocolate and delicately flavoured white chocolate. Premium Honey Glazed cashews. About a dozen fudge brownies. Dried papaya. And to top if off -- six, delicate cupcake shaped chocolates. Presented in a very large oval wicker basket with handles.