ABC Baby Gift Basket

  • Looking for the perfect unisex baby gift for your loved one’s new born? Look no further! The ABC Baby Gift Basket from New York Blooms is a great way to commemorate the arrival of a new little one into your lives. Add one of our bespoke floral arrangements to this gift to make it even more special and thoughtful.

  • Included in this Baby Gift Basket:

    2 BODYSUITS - Colour Coordinated Body Suits for 3-6 Month old. In Blue and Green
    HOODED BLANKET - This large 30“ x 36” blanket will dry your baby when he/she comes out of the tub!
    RECEIVING BLANKET - 30“ X 30” Receiving Blanket
    BABY BOOTIES - Chamois booties with lamby inside.
    SQUEAKY TOY - This squeaky toy may squeak or rattle. In vibrant colours
    HAT - Green Hat with spikes like an alligator!
    CONTAINER: ABC Container that looks like baby building blocks.
    PIGGY BANK - A piggy bank shaped like a blue elephant is a classic toy for a newborn.
    SCRATCH MITTENS - 100% cotton scratch mittens - essential for keeping baby safe
    BUNNY RATTLE - This bunny rattle is a soft, quality toy for a newborn
    BURP PAD - A burp pads for newborns — and their mom and dads!
    SOCKS - Super Baby Socks - Sized for the little one - So Cute!