Thymes Beauty Spa & Floral Gift Set

  • This Thymes Beauty Spa & Floral Gift Set from New York Blooms is a perfect gift set for taking your mind off a busy work day and plunging into a relaxing bubble bath to take your mind off of work. This freshly mixed bouquet features a variety of flowers including alstroemerias, as well as filler flowers. This floral set is perfect for a loved one or family member that has had a stressful time.

  • This freshly mixed bouquet features Gerber flowers, lilies and baby breath, all gathered around fresh flowers and nicely decorated in a wicker basket for a rustic charm.

    Candle - Thymes Goldleaf Aromatic Candle: The expertly crafted Goldleaf Candle brings forth rich light and a luxurious fragrance to elevate your surroundings. Heady floral notes bloom and burn cleanly for up to 60 hours.

    Bubble Bath - Thymes Goldleaf Bubble Bath: Relax as you immerse your body in luxurious Goldleaf bubbles and surround yourself with this fragrant, floral indulgence. Moisture-rich nutrients including bee pollen, soothing aloe vera, and hydrating honey help nourish and replenish skin as stress melts away.